Quality Management at BMC: ISO-Certified Systems Manage Quality Across BMC

BMC has developed and implemented quality management systems certified according to ISO 9001:2008
We ensure that the services provided by us meet the highest possible standards
Each system defines standardized, certified processes for each department. And use of a system enables employees to share and apply best practices within their domain.
These quality management systems merge their common information (management review, document control, record control, audits, corrective and preventive action, and personnel development), thereby ensuring the consistent application of this information across Behbehani Motors Company.
For more information about quality management at BMC, please read about our Quality Vision, Mission and Core Values.

Processes for Customer Message Solving

The process for customer message solving begins when BMC receives a message from a customer reporting a problem and ends when BMC identifies a correction to the problem, documents the correction, and eliminates the problem. Related processes for reopening messages and escalating issues ensure that the problem is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
Service Delivery Processes
The service delivery processes supports the customer’s vehicles throughout its life cycle. In addition to regular services, BMC offers other services to support various maintenance activities, extended warranty that are not a regular part of service activities.

Quality Management at BMC: ISO 9001 Certificates

BMC’s quality management systems have been certified according to requirements specified in the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
With a focus on continuous process improvement and compliance to customer and applicable regulatory requirements, the ISO standard ensures that a certified company demonstrates its ability to consistently provide solutions and services that meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements, and to improve customer satisfaction by applying the system effectively.
The following certifications express our commitment to our customers and guarantee the high quality of our solutions and services:

  • New Vehicles Sales Process
  • Preowned Vehicles Sales Process
  • After Sales Service & Spare Parts Sales Process
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